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Safe Deposit Box

With Greenville Savings Bank, you can store your valuable possessions that need protection from theft, fire, floods, or tampering with a safe deposit box. These boxes are individually locked containers held within our bank’s secure vault. Our boxes come in various sizes for your secured storage needs.

The contents of safe deposit boxes are not deposits and are not insured by this bank or by the FDIC. Safe deposit customers may obtain coverage on box contents from their own insurance agents.

Features of Our Safe Deposit Boxes


Our safe deposit boxes are stored in the most secured area of our bank. To access your box, we have strict identification procedures. Two keys are required to open the box.

Disaster Protection

Putting your valuables into a safe deposit box reassures you that your valuables are safe, especially if you experience any damage to your home that could compromise your assets inside.

Handling Your Estate

After you pass away, your executor gains the legal right to access your safe deposit box. Keeping important documents and other valuables in one place can make things easier on the executor to carry out your wishes.


A safe deposit box is a secure place to put the original insurance policies, family records, deeds, titles, contracts, stocks, bonds, jewels, medals, rare collectibles, and irreplaceable photographs that you do not need regularly.

If you experience any issues or have any questions about our safe deposit boxes, please call us at 724-588-5420 during normal business hours to have our experienced customer service representatives assist you.