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A personal savings account can grant you financial security and freedom.

By steadily placing funds into a personal savings account, you can build a financial cushion to rely on for unexpected emergencies and life events. Savings accounts, by their nature, don’t lose money. Other types of investments (real estate, stocks, cryptocurrencies, etc.) run a high risk of losing money over the course of days, weeks, months, and even years [1]. This is why many people use their personal savings account as an emergency fund.

Another benefit of having a personal savings account is that you can access your money anytime you wish. Having immediate access to your personal savings account can reassure you that you always have money with you. Along with security, a personal savings account can provide you with the freedom to travel, shop, and make large purchases such as a house, a car, or a higher education.

At Greenville Savings Bank, opening a personal savings account is simple. All you need is $10.00 to open an account and $50.00 to begin earning interest on your money.

Greenville Savings Bank provides monthly statements if you have account activity or quarterly statements if you have no activity. An ATM card is available for a $1 monthly fee.

You can also have 24/7 banking access to your accounts through Greenville Savings Bank’s mobile banking option. After you enroll in online banking, the mobile banking option will be available to you. With mobile banking, you can make mobile deposits, pay bills, or transfer money when you wish.

Don’t overlook the virtues of the ordinary personal savings account. Contact Greenville Savings Bank today.



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